Personal Finance

You keep making a budget, but never stick with it.  You know you have enough pay to cover all your bills yet you keep falling short each pay period.  You cannot seem to get out of debt no matter how much you pay each month. 

If the above items fit your scenario, you might need a personal finance coach.  Our coaching program helps you manage your finances within your budget, determine a factual budget based on your life style, begin to get out of debt in the shortest amount of time and maximize your weekly pay so you stop being late on paying your bills.

The coaching program includes a 30 minute weekly call, 6 month review of your previous income/expenses, a budget that is factual based on your lifestyle as well as help to uncover the root cause of why you manage your money a certain way and how to change your mindset or actions so you are moving in a positive direction with your finances.

Your weekly call will include a focus on your previous week's spending, discussion of your budget and setting a financial goal for the next week.  All financial coaching plans require you to be interactive with the process of helping you reach your financial goals.  Sign up for one of our financial coaching plans TODAY!

6 Month Financial Analysis
The first step in all of our financial coaching plans is to have a 6 month review of your finances.  This is required for us to truly be able to determine which of the below plans you fit into and how we can best help you achieve your financial goals.  You may also purchase this analysis without signing up for one of our coaching plans.  The analysis will include an estimate of what your budget should be based on your previous spending habits.  Based on your 6 month review, we can help you determine which coaching plan will best suit your needs.  $150

From Bankrupt to Prosperous

This financial coaching plan is geared towards those who have recently gone through bankruptcy, are on the brink of filing for bankruptcy, robbing Peter to pay Paul or consistently behind in paying your bills.  We begin the process by reviewing your income vs. the expenses you have had for the last 6 months.  Uncover your spending habits and discuss what your financial goals are.  Each week we will continue to dig into your spending habits and begin to change the way you approach your money and goals.  $175 per monthly coaching

I'm a Survivor, now what?
This financial coaching plan is geared towards those who are living paycheck to paycheck, consistently paying bills late or have survived the financial crisis, but still feel frustrated in where you stand financially.  This coaching plan requires 6 month review of your past spending habits, weekly phone coaching to focus on helping you to stay current on your bills to avoid unnecessary late charges and uncover the extra money you have each pay period.   $150 per monthly coaching

Stable and ready for Abundance

This financial coaching plan is geared towards those who pay their bills on time, are beginning to save for their emergency fund or retirement and want to improve their overall financial position.  The focus of this coaching plan is to help you to uncover areas within your budget or spending that you can eliminate to reach your emergency fund or retirement goals quicker.  $125 per monthly coaching

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